Eclipse Glasses 2017

On the 21st of August 2017, there will be a solar eclipse visible in America.  You can find out more about it here.

We’ve got another 40,000 pairs of eclipse glasses we are aiming to sell to continue to fund the proposed Observatory at Williamsons’ Park.  100% of all profits will be given to this project!

We’re really happy with the new designs!  If you want to purchase these new glasses, you can buy them using the following links (they will redirect you to our eBay store).  Please note that the smaller order amounts are not available for the USA as we have to factor in the costs of shipping!

3x Glasses (UK only)

12x Glasses (UK only)

50x Glasses (USA only)

1,000x Glasses (USA only)

All of the profits we make from selling these glasses will go towards our Fund Raising goal!









On Friday 20th March 2015, between 8:27 and 10:41am, there was a partial solar eclipse visible from the UK (sadly it was a bit cloudy!).

For a couple of hours, the moon partially covered the sun with up to a maximum of 92% coverage from around Lancaster. Even though the eclipse lasted for just over 2 hours, the sun needs to be under 4% visible for the light to change enough for us to really notice (because our eyes compensate as it gets darker).

glassesTo watch an eclipse safely, astronomers recommend that people use a pinhole viewer onto a card or paper – or, even better, a pair of specially shaded eclipse glasses. Please do not look directly at the sun unless you have genuine eclipse glasses – and even then, do not look at the sun for more than a few minutes at a time.  It is a gigantic nuclear reactor, after all!  You shouldn’t look at the sun through a pinhole, or wearing your usual sun glasses – to do so is very dangerous and could seriously affect your eye sight.  Please be careful! We’ve been able to supply over 28,000 pairs of eclipse glasses to 75 local schools, so that every child and teacher who’d like to watch the eclipse can do so safely. Our eclipse glasses are bright, colourful and even have a little bit of effortless cool thrown in too. They don’t carry any corporate logos or sponsorship, and they have the date of the eclipse printed on them to make a great souvenir of the event.  We’ve also put the address of the website onto the glasses so that those who benefit from them can find out more (and maybe help us build George’s Telescope with a donation!). The UK partial solar eclipse was one of those natural phenomena that helps to inspire the next generation of scientists and astronomers – the people whose knowledge and experience will carry on helping the human race to build higher, reach further and be better to one another and the planet. We want people to enjoy science just as much as George did. Together, we’d like to inspire as many little scientists as we can. For more information about the solar eclipse and staying safe while you enjoy it, please watch the video below or click here for PopAstro’s eclipse leaflet.